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Relief from Spring Allergies…Naturally

April 20, 2014

Spring is finally here! Warmer weather, shorts, picnics. Oh, and pollen. We all want to run outside but after ten minutes of soaking up Vitamin D the sneezing comes. And if you’re like me, you’ll push through it. Then your eyes start to get itchy, but it’s still tolerable. Finally, to round out feeling bad your head starts to hurt. That’s when I call it quits and saunter back inside, defeated.


Of course we can take allergy medicine but what about when we want to do something all natural? For those occasions we should look to massage.


Getting a massage during allergy season will increase circulation, as well as reduce muscle tension and inflammation. Your massage therapist is trained in knowing how to pinpoint the body’s sinus trigger points, many of which are located in the upper back and shoulders.


Beyond a basic relaxation and deep tissue massage, which both will still do wonders for your body and allergies; you can get a lymphatic drainage massage. You will not experience deep pressure; rather gentle bodywork that opens up the body for lymph flow.  A lymphatic drainage massage will also help reduce swollen tissues that may be your bodies’ response to all of the pollen in the air.


This spring don’t suffer or stay inside! Take a step towards health and your bodies’ wellness and allow your massage therapist to be that all natural cure you’ve been searching for. 


By VERONICA SWIATEK April 20, 2014



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